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A Connecticut Nonprofit Organization dedicated to helping our first responders and veterans.

Serving first responders, veterans, and their families

Honor Wellness Center


About Us

At Honor Wellness Center, we provide client-centered, culturally competent, holistic individual and group treatment to veterans and first responders - police, fire, corrections, dispatchers and EMS personnel - utilizing evidence based practices to address the first responder’s addiction, mental health and/or trauma issues recognizing they can be chronic and progressive which deeply impacts not only the first responder, but their entire support system. We strive to guide each person through the recovery process with the goal of living life to its full potential, free from addiction while learning to manage and live with the mental health challenges.




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Manchester, CT


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A Different Approach

a brighter future

We network with established nonprofits, institutions, and providers to ensure the individual needs of our first responders are met. We have access to diverse resources to ensure proper care and placement throughout the entire process of being well again.

Working for you

One of the most critical tasks for the counselor is encouraging the continuation of care. Many drop out of treatment after attending only a few sessions. During this initial stage, we work to determine the presenting issues with respect to substance abuse, trauma and/or mental health; physical, psychological, and social functioning; and social support network.

Personalized plans

Everyone is cared for as an individual. Whatever the needs or resources required for their journey, we work to tailor the care to the person rather than force them to a standard.

recovery and aftercare

From beginning to end, we have the resources to ensure you get all the care and support needed through your journey.


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