Honor Wellness Center
A Connecticut Nonprofit Organization dedicated to helping our first responders and veterans.


What We Offer

Everyone’s time of need is unique. We will be there from the start.


outpatient care

We can schedule you with a provider of your choosing for an evaluation or continuing care with participating partners across the area.

inpatient needs

Some will require extra support and inpatient needs. We’ve networked with specialty care centers to accomplish this.


Working through trauma can be complicated. We have experts in PTSD and treatment such as EMDR.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOp)

(In development) A first of it’s kind specialty program designed for the unique challenges and needs of our first responders.

peer support

Having support from people who have been through the toughest of times is important. We have the ability to find a peer willing to help.

substance abuse and addiction

We can accommodate the needs of substance abuse with our partners who provide detox and medication therapy when needed.

Partial hospital program (php)

We can provide a smooth transition into higher needs with priority access to the right care centers to begin your journey.

family support

Recovery and wellness is more than one person’s journey - it affects all of family unit. We work with others to ensure their needs are met.

mental health needs

There is more than PTSD that can affect our first responders. Our clinical team can evaluate additional needs and direct you to care.